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Meet Sarah.  A busy work-at-home mom with two grade school boys and a baby (soon to be toddler) girl.  Meet Kay.  Work-at-home mom with two nearly grown daughters.  We’re sisters who live an ocean apart, but stay near at heart!  Our styles are different, but complementary, and upon discovering a few years back that gluten sensitivity was a problem for several members of our family at large, we began experimenting with many of our best loved recipes.  We’ve now overhauled many of them, and now these treasured recipes are not only wheat free, but every bit as delicious as the originals.

Continually perfecting new gluten-free recipes and trying new things is our passion, and we are always experimenting and bouncing new recipe ideas off of one another. We like a challenge, and now we’d like to put that passion to work for you.

Do you have an old family recipe that you love? Are you really just kind of unsure as to how to proceed with converting it to a gluten free version that will be every bit as wonderful as the original? Let us help! We have extensive experience working with all kinds of different gluten free flours, and we know that when you are just starting to learn how to use them, it can be a mind-boggling lesson in trial and error. We’ll help you not only avoid that, but we’ll work out the best tasting end-recipe that is as close to that old favorite as you can get…with as few flours as possible (as we understand that not everyone WANTS to have a fridge stocked with 10 different flours at any given time!).

Send us your recipe and let us start working on it now!

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